Harry Potter Cardboard Cutouts

Back To School With Harry Potter Cardboard Cutouts

Enjoy Your First Day Back At School As Much As Harry Potter

The 1st of September is the best day every for our Harry Potter cardboard cutouts.

 Harry Potter Cardboard Cutouts

Harry, Hermione and Ron can’t wait to get back to lessons with teachers Sirius Snape and Albus Dumbledore.

Even meeting up again with bully Draco Malfoy or bookworm Luna Lovegood doesn’t worry this Schoolboy magician.


Sirius Black and the mysterious Voldermort are sure to bring the Wizarding World to Hogwarts and teach the young Harry Potter a lesson he will never forget.


harry hermione ron weasley cardboard cutouts


‘The perfect accompaniment to any lesson, reading Harry Potter with the characters in the room helps bring the text to life.’

Harry Potter collectors can now meet their heroes. Take photos with the stars of the film and use mini cutouts as desktop companions.


The wizarding world of Harry Potter boasts the largest and most enthusiastic fandom the Muggle world has ever seen. With such a huge range of Harry Potter themed lifesize cutouts including the stars of Fantastic Beasts Eddie Redmayne and Niffler, fans are sure to be thrilled.


niffler cardboard cutout


Are you a Potterhead? The most loyal Harry Potter fans call themselves Potterheads and love to fill their spaces with Harry Potter merchandise, including cardboard cutouts.


eddie redmayne


Invite all your favourite characters to your next event and recreate your favourite scenes.

harry potter cardboard cutouts classroom

Life size Harry Potter characters bring the magic of the wizarding world to life in stunning detail.

 hermione harry potter


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