Everything You Wanted To Know About Bing and His Cardboard Cutouts

Where is Bing From?

Ted Dewan’s Bing books introduced us to Bing and Flop, they are first two inhabitants of Bing’s World.


Bing Birthday Supplies Bing Cardboard Cutout



How Did Bing Become a Television Show?
CBeebies channel loved the creative idea of a show which displays the microdrama of pre school children.

Why do Children Love Bing?
Children see a little or a lot of Bing and his friends in themselves. Bingsters love the positive, non judgemental and supportive nature of the show.


Bing Birthday Supplies Bing Cardboard Cutout


Is Bing Popular?
Bing is the top hit animation for kids. Bing is available all over the world for children everywhere. Bing is an International Emmy award-winning television series.

What does WWFD mean?
What Would Flop Do

How Can I Meet Bing, Flop, Pando and Sula?
Party with Bing and friends, learn about the world with these great cardboard cutouts.
All official and perfect fun for fans.


Bing Cardboard Cutout Bing Birthday Party



What Else Can I Do With Bing Cardboard Cutouts?
Perfect for Photos & for All Occasions.
These are the Perfect Bing Party Supplies with or without Bing birthday cakes and balloons .

Bing Birthday Supplies Bing Cardboard Cutout


Because these Bing cardboard cutouts are so realistic your Bingster is sure to be delighted to meet their Bing star.

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