Collection: Personalised and Custom Cardboard Cutouts

Personalised and Custom Cardboard Cutouts

Create Your Own Cardboard Cutouts of Friends, Pets, Favourite Photos and Family. 

personalised cardboard cutout

We can create custom and personalised cardboard cutouts.   

To make sure your image will become a wonderful custom cardboard cutout, zoom in until the face is life-size and ensure it is not pixelated.

Simply decide on the height you would like your cardboard cutout to be and send your image along with the details of height, quantity required and shipping address


We will then send you back a quote and snip of what the cardboard cutout would look like before you place the order.

Please Note  We can only create custom and personalised cardboard cutouts for images you own the rights to. Or prices range from £29.99 to £49.99 depending on the size of the cardboard cutout.

All Customs/Personalised Orders Minimum 5 Day Lead Time


Looking for Inspiration

With Star Cutouts the possibilities are endless, use for birthdays, fundraisers, surprise events, the classroom, work, homes, special occasions and even Baby Showers!

Baby & Toddler Party Ideas

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