Best Christmas Cardboard Cutout Ideas

Best Christmas Cardboard Cutout Ideas

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of The Year. 
Christmas Cardboard Cutouts
Journey through the Star Cutouts Christmas House and Discover the Perfect Christmas Decorations for You and Your Family.
This is the house everybody wants to visit this Christmas season. Be the star of your own Christmas story with festive favourites. Stars of Christmas songs, films and traditional tales can’t wait to share the season of advent with you. Would You Like To Meet Elf?
Christmas Cardboard Cutouts
From Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer to Santa Clause you are sure to find the Christmas Cardboard Cutout you need.
Christmas Cardboard Cut outs

Welcome to the Star Cutouts Christmas House. Father Christmas is greeting you with a sign so you know that you can enter into a Christmas grotto of cardboard cutout fun.
These Christmas cardboard cutouts are easy to assemble and cause maximum impact with little effort.
Christmas Cardboard Cut outs Buddy Elf
Standing at the window watching and waiting for Santa was Buddy Elf. This lifesize cardboard cutout of Will Ferrelll as Buddy Elf stands 6ft tall and cuts an impressive figure instantly creating a feeling of Christmas Cheer.
Dressed in his traditional green coat with gold filagree his joy is contagious.
Elf is the amazing Christmas comedy story which is loved and treasured worldwide.
Endearing and heart-warming this is the must see Christmas movie of the season. So good that there are four different Buddy Elf cardboard cutouts available each representing his different mood on the build up to arrival of the best day of the year, Christmas day.
Buddy Classic
Buddy Waiting
Buddy Marching
elf Christmas Cardboard Cutouts

Also on tenterhooks and incredibly excited for Christmas is Pluto. Possibly the cutest cardboard cutout in the world, he waits patiently with his letter to santa.
Christmas Cardboard Cutouts pluto postbox
He has been a very good dog this year and hopes for lots of treats. Sitting down he is 90cm tall and full of Christmas spirit whilst listening to his owner sing. The postbox is next to him and with a handy open slot you can post letters through.
Christmas Cardboard Cutouts minnie mickey mouse
Mickey and Minnie Mouse are singing a Christmas Carol with their good friend Donald Duck. These super cute mini cardboard cutouts are officially Disney approved, instantly bringing a smile and festive setting the Christmas theme in style. Both holding their songbooks and dressed in their winter clothes they are ready for a white Christmas.
Christmas Card board Cut outs sants chimney tree

In the hallway we see the first of our mini Christmas trees and are a little shocked to see Santa stuck in a chimney. Relived we realise it is another pair of cardboard cutouts. The vibrant print on the red suit of Father Christmas made him look so real you offered to help pull him out.
Christmas Cardboard Cutouts mini

Dotted around the room are the mini desktop cut outs which come with the lifesize cutouts. Some of these have been on peoples desks at work and school, others have been going on trips to visit family and friends. These small cutouts make fantastic extra decorations and can be used around the home in festive party games.
Christmas Cardboard Cutouts nightmare before

As it was the Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack Skellington was mulling over how many mince pies he should eat. At 6ft tall this is another cardboard cutout which strikes an impressive figure. Near hime Zero and Sally wait patiently in the hallway excited as ever for it was Christmas Day tomorrow. One of the most popular Christmas movies of all time fans love to accompany them on Christmas Day.
stand in Christmas Cardboard Cutouts

Other guests have found the Christmas Stand Ins and are taking it in turns to be either Father or Mrs Christmas. Brilliant photos and memories are created with these interactive stand ins. The incredible detail and professional finish make them the perfect Christmas party accompaniment.
Whether it be an office Christmas party or one in the home, guests can't wait to have their photo taken and it is a lot easier then fancy dress. Christmas Stand Ins really get the party started and its not long before the mistletoe appears.
snowmen Christmas Cardboard Cutouts

There’s also a Christmas Snowman Stand In. This is also 6ft tall and guests of all ages can enjoy posing as The Snowman and some even use it as snowball fight target practise! This is fine as the cardboard flute used to make the cut out is sturdy and strong and stands up all evening.
frozen Christmas Cardboard Cutouts

Frozen has become another festive favourite.
olaf Christmas Cardboard Cutouts
Anna and Elsa the Snow Queen bring snowy Arendelle to the home. Accompanying them is Kristoff and Sven Reindeer.
Olaf has his friends and is also surrounded by a sea of presents. The Frozen collection of lifesize cardboard cutouts features a double cutout of Anna and Elsa as well as single cutouts depicting the sisters throughout their journey together. Frozen fans will adore these.
Perhaps it is children who love Christmas the most and you spot several dressed in all the traditional fun Christmas clothing. There’s a penguin, gingerbread man, reindeer and small Christmas santa.
Christmas Cardboard Cutouts fireplace
Close by is a fireplace, the roaring fire is a Christmas treat and the stockings on the mantelpiece look so real. This has to be the ultimate easy Christmas decoration. The fireplace cardboard cutout is bringing warmth to the room and is so easy to assemble.
jesus nativity Christmas Cardboard Cutouts

Also bringing a warm festive glow is the cardboard cutout depicting the nativity. Mary, Joseph and Jesus encourage you to feel grateful and reflect on the true meaning of Christmas.

The scene is now set for the perfect Yuletide. After a sip of mulled wine and another mince pie you think about all the Christmas television shows you will watch. Definitely a run of Doctor Who Christmas specials starting with the one where David Bradley appears as the First Doctor.
Christmas Cardboard Cutouts doctor who

Suddenly Jack Skellington appears this time dressed in a Santa Suit. And is that the real Father Christmas? Its Santa, I Know Him. He’s carrying a sack of toys and you are certain there must be some gifts for you.
Christmas Cardboard Cutouts santa jack skellington

With These Christmas Decorating for A Modern or Traditional Festive Season Made Easy And Lifesize Animated and Christmas Movie Stars You Are Sure To Have A Very Merry Christmas.

Christmas Cardboard Cutouts

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