Encanto Cardboard Cutouts

UK Encanto Party Ideas Made Easy with Star Cutouts

Encanto Theme Party Ideas with Encanto Cardboard Cutouts


Melissa asks, ‘How can my home or party venue become the perfect Casita Madrigal? 
The most desired party theme for Mirabel fans.
Is it possible to meet Mirabel?’


 The Answer is Yes thanks to SC4104 Mirabel Encanto Cardboard Cutout With Free Mini

With this cardboard cutout there is a free mini which can be an Encanto party favour and looks perfect when creating a diverse character Encanto backdrop.

Sarah asks, ‘Is there an easy way to create a scene that the Family Madrigal would be proud of?’



 Yes because Bruno Encanto Cardboard Cutout SC4105 With Free Mini is also available.
This is the actual movie image so is the perfect way to bring home your Encanto theme!

Even better have interactive fun by inviting all your favourite Encanto stars.


You can play even an Encanto scavenger hunt.
1. Can you find 1 purple flower?
2. Can you find 2 Brunos?
3. Can you find 3 Butterflies
4. Can you find 4 Madrigals?



Frank asks, ‘Is there any other way to listen to the Encanto soundtrack?’

Yes, of course, you can listen and dance with the family Madrigal. With Encanto cardboard cutouts your room can become the perfect backdrop as you sing along with the Antonio, Isabela, Luisa, Dolores, Bruno and Mirabel.



Be in the movie and the enchanted magic of Encanto with these Official Disney Encanto decorations.

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