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Hello and Welcome to Jurassic World

Perfect Dinosaur Party Ideas

Jurassic World Cardboard Cutouts
Jurassic World movies always come with an exciting adventure and now is the time to bring that adventure home. Not only can you now live in the Jurassic era you can also party in it. 
Want to turn your home into Jurassic World?
First we go through the Jurassic World Entrance Sign to be greeted by our two favourite dinosaurs Beta and Blue. These two velociraptors have won over the hearts of all those who have enjoyed the Jurassic World franchise. These are the must have decorations and guests at any Jurassic fans birthday or event.
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 Dinosaur lovers are everywhere and that’s why they can’t resist approaching a Triceratops. Standing with the Baby Triceratops you are transported millions of years back in time to when dinosaurs ruled the earth. 
Brave guests can stand next to a Mosasaurus, these dinosaurs were the kings of the oceans. Such memorable scenes in the Jurassic World movies, who wouldn’t want to join us Mosasaurus for supper? Just look at all those teeth.
Speaking of food, dinosaur party food table is not complete without the Indominus Rex, that roar is enough to make anyone feel hungry.
dinosaur cardboard cutout
Guarding the birthday cake with Tyrannosaurus Rex is Ankylosaurus, these large dinosaur cutouts are beautiful behemoths. The detailed print is intricate and they are the actual official movie images. Any moment now you can see them about to pounce and are relieved they are not going to eat you. And watch out of the Ankylosaurus club tail!
jurassic world cardboard cutout
For those who have always wanted their own pet Indominus Rex and Tyrannosaurus Rex make sure you keep them well fed. Because otherwise it is highly likely you will become the next course. Some people of course have always wanted to be eaten by a dinosaur and would love to have their photo taken in the jaws of the beast.
 This is actually happening right now as the dinosaur stand in chomps down on your special guests. A great cutout that really brings the excitement of the blockbuster dinosaur movies into the home.

What makes these dinosaur cardboard cutouts so incredible is the fact they are so realistic. The detailed print means you can see every ridge of reptilian skin, the beautiful sparkle in the eye and even the glint of the teeth in the open mouth.
jurassic cardboard cutouts

These are official product and the images are those as designed by the movies creators. Each dinosaur has been carefully researched to ensure the most accurate and entertaining features bring these extinct species back to life.

So many of us after watching the Jurassic World and Jurassic Park franchise movies would still love to visit the Park and even own our own pet raptor. Now we can due to the fact that Beta, Blue and even the Tyrannosaurus Rex have been recreated by Star Cutouts. So realistic, amazing quality and sure to bring a dinosaur size smile to the face of any Jurassic fan.
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