WWE Cardboard Cutouts Champions Past and Present

WWE Cardboard Cutouts Champions Past and Present

WWE Cardboard Cutouts Champions Past and Present: A UK Fan's Dream Come True!

 Are you a devoted WWE fan in the UK? Get ready to be amazed by Star Cutouts' extraordinary collection of WWE Cardboard Cutouts. Immerse yourself in the world of wrestling legends, relive epic moments, and create unforgettable memories with these lifelike cutouts.


WWE Cardboard Cutouts

Embrace the Magic of WWE in Your Own Space

Are you curious about the latest WWE cardboard cutouts that are making waves? Join us as we delve into the exciting realm of WWE and explore the stars, storylines, and events that captivate our hearts.

Who are Your Favourite WWE Superstars?

From iconic champions to beloved fan favorites, WWE has brought us some of the most memorable personalities in sports entertainment.

Hulk Hogan: A Wrestling Icon in His Prime


hulk hogan

Let's kick off with the legendary Hulk Hogan, an American treasure known for his patriotism, charisma, and unforgettable catchphrases. Discover fascinating facts about the man who paved the way for wrestling greatness. Learn More About Hulk Hogan

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Attitude Era's Maverick

Enter the Attitude Era with Stone Cold Steve Austin – the rebellious anti-hero who left an indelible mark on WWE history. Relive the magic of his "Austin 3:16" promo and the unrivaled energy he brought to the ring. Experience Stone Cold Steve Austin

Roman Reigns: The Modern Era's Powerhouse

Shift gears to the present with Roman Reigns, a four-time world champion who commands the ring with his "Believe that" catchphrase and Spear move. Learn about his journey and family legacy that adds depth to his character. Unleash Roman Reigns' Power

The Undertaker: A Legacy of Darkness and Mystique



Venture into the dark and mysterious world of The Undertaker, whose ominous aura and Tombstone Piledriver have left a lasting impact. Discover the enigmatic persona behind the icon. Explore The Undertaker's Mystique

Cody Rhodes: Carrying the Legacy Forward

Dive into the journey of Cody Rhodes, a wrestler who has graced multiple promotions and carries the legacy of his family's wrestling dynasty. Experience the impact he's made across the wrestling landscape. Discover Cody Rhodes' Journey

The Usos: Tag Team Excellence

Witness the dynamic duo, The Usos, as they bring their high-flying, energetic style to the spotlight. Learn about their journey as part of the Anoa’i wrestling family and their unforgettable moments in the tag team division. Join The Usos' Excitement Discover The Usos' Tag Team Excellence

Rhea Ripley: A Rising Star

Dive into the world of Rhea Ripley, a rising star who has carved her path in WWE's Women's Division. Learn about her journey and accomplishments that make her a force to be reckoned with. Experience Rhea Ripley's Rise

Rhea Ripley


Your Turn to Immerse Yourself!

This is just a glimpse of the mesmerizing WWE cardboard cutouts that Star Cutouts offers. Whether you're planning a wrestling-themed party, decorating your space, or celebrating your favorite stars, these lifelike cutouts are your gateway to bringing the magic of WWE to life.

Explore More WWE Cardboard Cutouts

Don't miss out on the chance to celebrate your WWE champions and heroes. Dive into our diverse collection and bring the thrill of wrestling into your world. Browse All WWE Cutouts

brock lesnar cardboard cutout


From business events to personal celebrations, these cutouts are the perfect way to elevate the energy and excitement of any occasion. Let your passion for wrestling shine through and create moments that will be talked about for years to come.

Get Ready to Wrestle with Excitement!

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