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Angel Lilo and Stitch Star Mini Cardboard Cut Out Height 95cm

Angel Lilo and Stitch Star Mini Cardboard Cut Out Height 95cm

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Embrace the Angelic Joy: Perfect Fun for All Lilo and Stitch Fans! 👼🌟

For all those who adore Angel from Lilo and Stitch, we present a treat that's sure to delight!

😀 Astonishing Quality for Every Angel Enthusiast

This Lilo and Stitch Cardboard Cutout stands as a testament to astonishing quality, making it perfect for fans of all ages. 



😎 Exquisite Design by Star Cutouts

Every detail is meticulously crafted in this cardboard cutout, showcasing the exceptional design that Star Cutouts is known for.

🥳 The Perfect Gift for Stitch Enthusiasts

Fans of The Hit Stitch Franchise will cherish the opportunity to meet Angel in lifesize form, a gift that's as heartwarming as the movie itself.

✌ Captivating Room and Party Decoration

Infuse your space with the enchantment of Lilo and Stitch! The beautiful print and vibrant, realistic image will undoubtedly bring a smile to any guest or fan.

👍 An Engaging Talking Point for All

This cardboard cutout isn't just a decoration - it's a conversation starter that'll have everyone sharing their love for Angel.

♻ Environmentally Responsible

Our commitment to sustainability is unwavering. All Star Cutouts are made to the highest industry standard, fully recyclable, and sourced from sustainable materials.

👏 Always Fresh and Updated

Our collection of children's television cardboard cutouts is ever-evolving, ensuring you receive the finest quality printed images available.

🌟 Angel's Adorable Charm

Did you know that Angel, the pink alien experiment from Lilo and Stitch, captured hearts with her adorable demeanour and sweet personality? She's a true embodiment of cuteness in the Lilo and Stitch universe.

😇 Step into the Joy

Meet Angel Lilo and Stitch Star Mini Cardboard Cut Out, standing at a height of 95cm. Faces light up in joy when you embrace the magic of Lilo and Stitch with Angel by your side.

Get ready to bask in the joy and enchantment that Angel brings to your space! 🌟👼🎈 #LiloAndStitchMagic #CardboardAdventures #UnforgettableMoments

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Free Shipping Available

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Care Instructions

Keep Dry

To Keep Print As Beautiful as Possible Keep Out Of Direct Sun Light.


FSC Approved Card


Sturdy Flute

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Stitch Cardboard Cutout

Introducing Stitch, everybody's favourite blue alien! Stitch is one of the most beloved characters from the iconic franchise, and now you can bring him into your home with this amazing alien cardboard cutout. His expressive face is full of joy and enchantment, making him the perfect companion for your adventures!

Adopt this blue koala-like creature and make him your best friend.

Enjoy the adventures that come with him and experience fun like never before!

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