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Animal Cardboard Cut Out Height 91cm

Animal Cardboard Cut Out Height 91cm

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Get ready to add a touch of Muppet magic to your gatherings with the Animal Cardboard Cut Out. Standing at 91cm, this lifelike cutout allows you to invite your favourite wild Muppet, Animal, to your parties, as a unique gift, or for any gathering.

  • Invite Your Favourite Muppet, Animal: Bring the wild energy of Animal to your parties, gifts, and gatherings.

Why Choose the Animal Cardboard Cut Out?

👁 Perfect for Muppet Enthusiasts: Ideal for Muppet-themed gatherings, this cutout adds a touch of Muppet mayhem.

🌠 Exquisite Design: Manufactured by Star Cutouts, it's beautifully created and looks astonishingly real.

🎁 The Perfect Gift: For Muppet fans, meeting their wild and hilarious Muppet is bound to bring smiles to fans of all ages.

💯 Wonderful Room Decoration: The beautiful print and vibrant, realistic image will bring joy to the guests who get to meet their best-loved Muppet star.

🌠 Effortless Assembly: Assemble in seconds and enjoy this responsibly manufactured piece.

🐘 Environmentally Responsible: We care about the environment and are a responsible manufacturer. Our cutouts are made to the highest industry standard, fully recyclable, and our paper pulp is sourced from sustainable sources.

🌠 Magical Moments: Experience the magic of the Muppets and their beloved stories with this iconic character.

Turn your events and gatherings into a Muppet extravaganza with the Animal Cardboard Cut Out. It's not just decor; it's an invitation to join the Muppet Show. Invite your favourite Muppet today and let the Muppet madness begin! 🌠

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Care Instructions

Keep Dry

To Keep Print As Beautiful as Possible Keep Out Of Direct Sun Light.


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