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Buddy Sausage Dog Secret Life of Pets Cardboard Cutout

Buddy Sausage Dog Secret Life of Pets Cardboard Cutout

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Introducing the SC1376 Buddy Sausage Dog Secret Life of Pets Cardboard Cut Out:

🐶 Buddy Sausage Dog Delight: Bring the adorable Buddy from "The Secret Life of Pets" into your home, parties, and events with this charming cardboard cutout. It's perfect for fans of all ages who love this lovable character.

🎁 Great for Fans, Gifts & Parties: This cardboard cutout is not only a wonderful addition to your own decor but also an excellent gift for Secret Life of Pets enthusiasts. It's also ideal for parties and events, adding a fun and endearing touch.

🏭 Easy Assembly & Storage: Setting up and storing this cutout is a breeze. Simply pop it out, unfold the easel, and erect it. When you're done, it folds away neatly for easy storage or delivery.

💬 Incredible Talking Point: This Buddy Sausage Dog cutout is sure to be an incredible talking point at your gatherings. It will bring smiles and delight to guests of all ages, making it a fantastic icebreaker.

High Quality & Environmentally Friendly: Crafted from fully recyclable, high-quality, FSC approved durable cardboard, you can enjoy this cutout knowing it's both well-made and environmentally responsible.

Whether you're a fan of Buddy the Sausage Dog from "The Secret Life of Pets" or you're searching for a unique and charming gift, the SC1376 Buddy Sausage Dog Secret Life of Pets Cardboard Cut Out is the perfect choice. It's not just a decoration; it's a conversation starter and a source of delight for all ages.

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Care Instructions

Keep Dry

To Keep Print As Beautiful as Possible Keep Out Of Direct Sun Light.


FSC Approved Card


Sturdy Flute

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