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Captain America Super Hero Cardboard Cut Out Height 191cm

Captain America Super Hero Cardboard Cut Out Height 191cm

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Welcome the Marvel Magic with Captain America Cardboard Cutout! 🛡️🌟

Embrace the Heroic Presence:

Bring the legendary Captain America to life with our life-size cardboard cutout! This iconic Marvel character isn't just a superhero – he's a symbol of courage, honour, and justice.

Marvellous Marvel Facts:

Did you know that Captain America made his first appearance in "Captain America Comics #1" back in 1941? Since then, he's become a beloved symbol of heroism and patriotism, capturing the hearts of fans worldwide.

Elevate Your Decor:

  • 🎉 Perfect for Marvel Devotees, Gifts & Epic Parties
  • 🎈 Stand Tall with Ease: Simply pop out, unfold the easel, and stand it up – it's that simple!
  • 📦 Convenient Storage & Delivery: Folds away compactly for easy storage and hassle-free transportation.
  • 🗣️ Spark Conversations: Become the ultimate host by delighting guests of all ages with an incredible talking point.


captain america cardboard cutout

✔ Great for Marvel Fans, Gifts & Parties

✔ Simply Pop Out, Unfold Easel & Erect.

✔ Folds Away For Easy Storage & Delivery.

✔ Incredible Talking Point & Delights Guests of All Ages.

captain america cardboard cutout size

A Marvell-ous Design:

Marvel is in the house with this professionally crafted cardboard cutout, showcasing Captain America in all his glory. Every detail is meticulously designed to capture his heroic essence.

Heroic Photo Ops:

  • Captain America Super Hero Cardboard Cut Out Height: 191cm
  • 🎨 Vibrant Colors & Realistic Pose: This cutout is perfect for super-powered photo ops, comic conventions, or even adorning fans' bedrooms.

Elevate Your Event:

  • 🎈 Creates an Impactful Standalone Display or an Ensemble of Heroes
  • 🎭 Perfect for Adding Excitement to Decor, Comic Conventions & More
  • 💪 Makes a Heroic Room Decoration Fit for True Fans

Answer the Call:

Step into the shoes of the First Avenger and infuse your event with the spirit of heroism! Whether it's a birthday bash or a comic-themed gathering, Captain America is here to lead the way. Order now and let Captain America's shield symbolize the ultimate party protector! 🎉🛡️

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Free Shipping Available

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Care Instructions

Keep Dry

To Keep Print As Beautiful as Possible Keep Out Of Direct Sun Light.



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The free tabletop cardboard cutout ensures they can keep their favourite Marvel hero or villain close at all times - what a perfect birthday gift!

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Enjoy today!

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