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Jethro Dr Who Cardboard Cutout

Jethro Dr Who Cardboard Cutout

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🚀 Introducing Jethro - The Doctor Who Cardboard Cut Out - Height 185cm! - Embark on a journey through time and space with this captivating Doctor Who character.

🎉 Elevate Your Doctor Who Experience! - Add a touch of intrigue and wonder to your surroundings with this lifelike Jethro cutout.

🌌 A Companion's Presence! - Celebrate the essence of companionship and camaraderie that Jethro brought to the Doctor's adventures.

📸 Capture Unforgettable Moments! - Invite fans to pose alongside Jethro and create lasting memories in the Doctor Who universe.

🌟 Infuse Whovian Magic! - Bring the charm of Jethro into your Doctor Who-themed parties, gatherings, and displays.

🎁 Gift the Magic of Doctor Who! - Surprise a fellow fan or a loved one with the allure of this character captured in a remarkable cardboard cutout.

🌠 A Talking Point for All Ages! - Inspire discussions about Jethro's role, impact, and significance within the Doctor Who narrative.

🌠 An Iconic Addition! - Allow Jethro to be the focal point of your Doctor Who-themed decorations and create a captivating atmosphere.

🚪 Open the Door to Adventures! - With Jethro - The Doctor Who Cardboard Cut Out, you're invited to dive into the captivating stories and mysteries of Doctor Who. 🚀🚪

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Keep Dry

To Keep Print As Beautiful as Possible Keep Out Of Direct Sun Light.



Sturdy Flute

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Travel With The Doctor

Jump into the world of Doctor Who with a show that has captivated audiences for over 50 years. Through time-traveling adventures, explore the universe with the Doctor and witness mind-blowing alien invasions, unparalleled suspense, and riveting suspense!

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