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SC4283 Cedric Diggory Harry Potter Cardboard Cutout With Mini

SC4283 Cedric Diggory Harry Potter Cardboard Cutout With Mini

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Incredibly Realistic Finish - The Star Of Any Event

Live the Hogwarts magic with the official Cedric Diggory Harry Potter cardboard cutout!

This lifelike piece of wizardry is perfect for any fan, casting a spell of wonder and awe in any room. 

⭐ So Easy to Put Together - Assembles in Seconds Use Instantly.

cedric diggory robert pattinson


⭐ Wonderful Room Decoration - Beautiful Print and Vibrant Realistic Image Will Enliven Your Occasion.

⭐ Printed On High Quality Durable Sustainable Cardboard.

⭐ Great Talking Point for any Guest & Ultra Easy Self Assembly.

The intricate detailing will wow you with its almost magical aura - ready to bewitch your friends and family! 

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Free Shipping Available

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Care Instructions

Keep Dry

To Keep Print As Beautiful as Possible Keep Out Of Direct Sun Light.



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