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SC4328 Sally Pumpkin Queen Cardboard Cut Out Height 169cm

SC4328 Sally Pumpkin Queen Cardboard Cut Out Height 169cm

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Sally Pumpkin Queen Cardboard Cut Out - 169cm

🎃 Meet Your Favourite Nightmare Before Christmas Character: It's time to welcome the enchanting Sally, the Pumpkin Queen, into your world! This remarkable cardboard cutout brings the magic of The Nightmare Before Christmas right to your home, making it perfect for birthdays, parties, and events.

💀 Astonishingly High Quality: This isn't just any cardboard cutout; it's a piece of Halloween, Christmas, and animated horror artistry! Whether you're a lifelong fan or introducing someone new to Tim Burton's masterpiece, this lifesize cutout is a treat for fans of all ages.

🌟 Exquisite Design: Prepare to be captivated by the attention to detail! Every Star Cutouts cardboard cutout, including Sally, is impeccably crafted to look astonishingly real. Her lifelike appearance is sure to leave you and your guests in awe.

🎁 The Perfect Gift: If you're searching for an extraordinary gift, your quest ends here. Tim Burton enthusiasts and The Nightmare Before Christmas lovers will cherish this lifesize cardboard cutout. It's more than just decor; it's a conversation starter and a heartwarming surprise for movie buffs.

🏡 Wonderful Room Decoration: Get ready to transform your room into a realm of enchantment! With its stunning print and vibrant, lifelike image of Sally, this cardboard cutout will bring endless joy to anyone lucky enough to meet her.

🗣️ Great Talking Point: Planning a gathering or party? Whether you're a dedicated collector of The Nightmare Before Christmas memorabilia or simply adore the film, this cardboard cutout will steal the spotlight and keep the conversation flowing. Plus, it's a breeze to assemble, ensuring that the fun starts right away!

🌱 Eco-Friendly and Responsible: We're committed to environmental responsibility! That's why Star Cutouts creates its cardboard cutouts with eco-friendliness in mind. Our cutouts are fully recyclable, and we source our paper pulp from sustainable sources.

🤡 Constant Updates: At Star Cutouts, we keep things fresh! Our animated cardboard cutouts are regularly updated to provide you with the crispest, most vibrant printed images. So, get ready to have endless fun with Sally and all your other beloved The Nightmare Before Christmas characters today!

Fun Fact: Sally is known for her resourcefulness and sewing skills in the movie. She often stitches herself back together after falling apart, using various parts from her collection of limbs and body parts.

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