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SC874 Finding Dory Where is She? Stand-In Cardboard Cut Out Height 127cm

SC874 Finding Dory Where is She? Stand-In Cardboard Cut Out Height 127cm

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🐠 SC874 Finding Dory: Dive into Adventure Stand-In! 🌊

🐟 Ahoy there! Join the undersea escapade with the SC874 Finding Dory Where is She? Stand-In Cardboard Cut Out, standing tall at 127cm. Get ready to dive into the depths of fun and curiosity as you stand alongside your favourite aquatic friends, Dory and her pals. This stand-in is the key to unlocking a world of adventure and laughter, perfect for displays of all ages. 🌊

Finding Dory Stans In


😎 Unparalleled Quality Stand-In Delight 😎

Just like Dory's unforgettable spirit, experience unmatched quality with our SC874 Finding Dory Where is She? Stand-In Cardboard Cut Out. Whether on display or at events, this stand-in is a conversation starter that brings joy to all ages, just like the heart-warming film itself.

🌊 Discover Talking Points, Fun for All Occasions 🌊

Emerge as the centre of conversations, just like Dory's knack for bringing people together! This exciting piece adds an extra touch of adventure to your events and parties, much like Dory's incredible journey across the ocean.

🐟 Intelligently Crafted, Sustainable Creation 🐟

Just as Dory's loyalty to her friends is unwavering, marvel at our intelligent design, showcasing a high-quality print crafted from sustainable cardboard. This choice reflects the heart of Finding Dory – friendship and environmental awareness.

Faces of Wonder, Interactivity, and Joy

Reminiscent of Dory's playful personality, our stand-in features faces that can be effortlessly removed and replaced. Get ready to embark on your own adventure with Nemo, Marlin, and the gang!

Effortless Assembly, Instant Engagement

Much like Dory's infectious energy, assembling our stand-in is a breeze – it comes together within seconds. Instantly immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Finding Dory, capturing the essence of the beloved characters.

🌊 Celebrate with Finding Dory Wonder 🌊

Elevate your celebrations with Finding Dory-themed delights that mirror the film's heart-warming moments. Dive into Dory's world and create a birthday party that encapsulates the magic of adventure and friendship.

🐠 Dive into Finding Dory Today! 🐠

From delightful decorations to joyous interactions, our Finding Dory Stand-In adds an aquatic flair to your celebrations. Immerse yourself in the undersea wonder, just like Dory's unforgettable journey – explore our collection now, and you'll be two bubbles of excitement! 🌟

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Care Instructions

Keep Dry

To Keep Print As Beautiful as Possible Keep Out Of Direct Sun Light.



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