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The Tardis 2/3 LIFE SIZE Cardboard Cutout

The Tardis 2/3 LIFE SIZE Cardboard Cutout

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The TARDIS Two Thirds Life Size Cardboard Cut Out - Height 192cm (Dark Blue TARDIS)

🌌 Step Inside the Iconic Police Box - Transport your space and events into the Whoniverse with this detailed and lifelike TARDIS cutout. 

🚀 Time and Relative Dimension in Space - Capture the essence of time travel and adventure that the TARDIS embodies.

🔵 Classic Dark Blue Design - Showcase the iconic dark blue exterior of the TARDIS, as seen in many episodes of Doctor Who.

📸 Perfect Photo Opportunities - Invite guests to take memorable photos alongside the TARDIS, creating lasting Whovian memories.

👥 Immersive Whovian Experience - Bring the magic of Doctor Who to life by incorporating elements from the show into your space.

🚪 Open the Door to Adventure - Inspire discussions about the Doctor's adventures across time and space through the TARDIS.

🎉 Thematic Décor - Elevate your event's atmosphere with a life-sized TARDIS that adds an air of excitement and mystery.

🌠 Timeless Symbolism - Reflect on the TARDIS's significance as both the Doctor's time machine and a symbol of hope.

🔮 Mysterious Aura - Embrace the enigma that surrounds the TARDIS and its ability to transcend dimensions.

🌌 Time Travel Conversations - Spark discussions about the show's time travel mechanics and the Doctor's unique vessel.

🪶 Nostalgic Whovian Vibes - Invoke feelings of nostalgia by bringing one of the most recognizable icons of Doctor Who into your space.

🌟 Shared Whovian Memories - Connect with fellow fans through your shared love for the show and its timeless elements.

🔍 Hidden Surprises - Emulate the TARDIS's ability to hold unexpected surprises by integrating it into your event's décor.


The TARDIS Two Thirds Life Size Cardboard Cut Out at 192cm height allows you to experience the magic of the iconic time machine first-hand. Whether you're a dedicated Whovian or introducing friends and family to the wonders of Doctor Who, this cutout brings the TARDIS's allure to your space. Use it as a decorative centrepiece, a backdrop for photos, or an invitation to explore the limitless dimensions of the Whoniverse. As you gaze upon the dark blue exterior, you'll be reminded of the countless adventures the TARDIS has carried the Doctor on throughout time and space.

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