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TT022 Buddy Elf Christmas Table Top Decorations aka Table Toppers

TT022 Buddy Elf Christmas Table Top Decorations aka Table Toppers

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Introducing our Buddy Elf Christmas Table Toppers – the ultimate festive companions to elevate your holiday decor! 🎄

  • Buddy Elf Excited: Height 27cm x 8cm Width
  • Buddy Elf Proud: Height 29cm x 11cm Width
  • Buddy Elf Stand: Height 30cm x 15cm Width
  • Buddy Elf Side Stand: Height 28.5cm x 7.5cm Width
  • Buddy Elf Legs: Height 28cm x 19cm Width
  • Buddy Elf Walking Side: Height 29cm x 14 cm Width

These mesmerising mini cardboard cutouts will be the real stars of your festive setup, ranging from 27cm to 30cm in height. But wait, there's more! We've got mini table toppers with feet sized from 10cm to 12cm in height, including:

  • Buddy Elf Stand: Height 12cm x 6cm Width
  • Buddy Elf Proud: Height 11cm x 4.5cm Width
  • Buddy Elf Legs: Height 11cm x 7cm Width
  • Buddy Elf Excited: Height 10cm x 3cm Width

These pint-sized delights are perfect for adding a touch of enchantment to any setting.

🌠 Astonishingly High Quality

Our Buddy Elf Christmas Table Toppers are made with the utmost care and attention to detail. Crafted by Star Cutouts, these cardboard cutouts are of exquisite design and look so realistic that you'll be mesmerised.

🎁 Perfect Gift

Looking for the Perfect Gift? Fans of Buddy Elf Christmas will love to meet these lifesize cardboard cutouts. They make wonderful room decorations and bring a huge smile to any guest or fan.

✨ Easy Assembly

Assembly is ultra-easy and effortless. Simply pop them up, and let the magic begin! They assemble in seconds, so you can use them immediately.

🌟 Versatile Décor

These table toppers look amazing standing on tables, beside birthday cakes, on home or office desks, or as part of your decorative display.

🌿 Eco-friendly

We care about the environment and are a responsible manufacturer. All Star Cutouts are made to the highest industry standards, fully recyclable, and our paper pulp is sourced from sustainable sources.

🌟 Star Cutouts Quality

As a Star Cutouts product, rest assured of the exceptional quality and ingenious photo realism.

✔ Incredible Talking Point

These toppers not only delight guests of all ages but also serve as fantastic conversation starters and tools for imaginative play. Perfect for parties, room decorations, and special events, they add a touch of enchantment to any setting.

Start enjoying your Buddy Elf Christmas Cardboard Cutouts today! 🌠

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